Research Work


Muhammad Haseeb, Asad Waqar Malik, Anis U. Rahman, and Mian M. Hamayun. “Towards Distributed Heterogeneous Simulation using Internet of Things.” IEEE Internet of Things Journal (2019).

Muhammad Haseeb, Ahmad Ahsan, Asad Waqar Malik. “Cloud to cloudlet-an intelligent recommendation system for efficient resources management: Mobile cache“. International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology (FIT) 2016

Research Projects

Open Data Kit – Text Recognition & Data Export from Scanned Images
(Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Android)
Implemented Neural Network Classifier based mobile scanning application to export the data from survey forms. Achieved up to 98% accuracy in text recognition by implementing the neural network classifier and image processing techniques on mobile devices.

Mobile Cache using Cloudlets
(Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Android)
Implemented an intelligent cache based system to offload the unnecessary data based on user interaction and preferences. Application trains a model over time using machine learning classifiers to offload and download data from the cloud accordingly.

dSim – Simulator to Support Distributed Simulation over Heterogeneous Devices
(Distributed Computing, Socket Programming, Simulator, Android)
Developed an IOT based Framework to support the distributed simulation on heterogeneous devices and mobile systems to exploit the computation power of modern era devices. It helps to run the simulation on hybrid systems using the socket based communications between desktop systems and mobile devices.

WebAssistant- Support Chat Bot
(Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence)
Designed a chatbot for web application using natural language processing and artificial intelligence to support the online customer. The bot helps clients to find out the answers to their queries and logs the queries to train itself for future training.


Efficient and Locality Aware Scheduling of Interoperable Processes on Heterogeneous Devices
MSCS – School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS)
Web-based simulation network to support the desktop systems and mobile applications to offload the simulation computational parts in a distributed environment. It helps to exploit the computational power of modern heterogeneous systems and helps to support the IoT based devices to participate in the simulation.